Your closet is full of clothes, but you never have anything to wear.
Your clothes never seem to fit you correctly.
You are going through a transition such as starting a new job or getting back into the dating world and need a new look.
You have had a weight change and want to develop a wardrobe that will make you look your best.
You need help figuring out what to wear according to your body type.
You hate to shop and stores overwhelm you.
You are in a clothes rut.
You want how you look outside to match how you feel inside.

“I wanted to tell you that the outfits you helped me choose were perfect…just right. Your eye is terrific and I certainly benefited from it in the time we had to work together. I also appreciated how good you were at saying, “NO…that is NOT you!” Such honesty is refreshing and so helpful!
– Mary Richardson, Television Personality & Chronicle Anchor