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What Not to Wear by Doreen Vigue

My closet and I are at war. I’d confront it every day but every day it would impose something bland, boxy and black. I’d curse, avoid the mirror, rely on my sassy accessories to win the day, and then return to battle once more…

The intervention came just a few weeks before a birthday ending in a 9, in the form of fashion coach Susan Kanoff, whom I smugly informed that I was not having a midlife crisis, and did not intend to be cougarized in any way. I just needed an objective third party to help get me on the right track to stylish. [Continue Reading]

Susan Styles for Television

Vicki Croke, The Secret Life of Animals

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“Susan Kanoff will change your life. Change the way you feel about yourself, the way people see you and think about you, and you’ll feel lucky to have her.” — Vicki Constantine Croke, Author and Animal Expert





styling for TV





Danielle Niles, Meteoroligist

“I’ve been working with Susan for several years and she is absolutely wonderful in every way! When we first met I felt an immediate connection to her–she made me feel comfortable and really took the time to understand my goals. She has a true passion for her profession and is extremely talented. My style has changed in a positive way and it shows on television.” — Danielle Niles



“You rock!”Leslie Gaydos, NECN News Anchor

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Mary Richardson, Television Personality/Chronicle AnchorMary-Richardson

“I wanted to tell you that the outfits you helped me choose were perfect…just right. Your eye is terrific! I also appreciated how good you were at saying, “NO…that is NOT you!” Such honesty is refreshing and so helpful!” — Mary Richardson

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